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Newsletter 11-11


Town Update by Mayor Brian D. Roberson


The Town Council has continued to make significant progress in several areas since the last newsletter. Thank you to all who have attended meetings, or otherwise submitted your feedback to the council for consideration on various topics. Below are the highlights from the Council meetings.

Town Hall

The Town Hall is located at 1745 FM 2931, in front of the Providence water tower. Council Meetings have moved to the Town Hall and are still held on the 2nd and 4th Monday’s at 7pm. Town Hall is now fully operational, with office hours Mon-Thurs, 9am-4pm (closed 12pm-1pm for lunch), and Friday, 9am-12pm. Municipal Court is also housed in the Town Hall and has successfully held Court sessions in September, October and November.

Sales Tax Election Results

The Sales Tax Election was held on November 8th and both propositions passed by greater than 70% of the vote. This means that the local sales tax rate will now be 1.5% within the Town limits. Including the State’s 6.25%, the cumulative sales tax rate will be 7.75%. In many cases 8.25% sales tax was already being collected and sent to neighboring towns/cities. Now, those dollars will come back into our community to provide services and, ultimately, property tax relief to our residents.


The following ordinances were adopted in 2010 or 2011 and have an associated penalty, fine or fee.

  • Ordinance 2010-09- Ordinance establishing prima facia speed limits within the Town of Providence Village. (amended: Ordinance2011-17)
  • Ordinance 2010-10 – Ordinance establishing traffic control devices within the Town of Providence Village (i.e. stop signs and yield signs).
  • Ordinance 2010-11 – Ordinance establishing general penalties for violations.
  • Ordinance 2011-12 – Ordinance establishing sub-minor curfew within the Town of Providence Village. (amended: Ordinance 2011-18)
  • Ordinance 2011-13 – Ordinance establishing restrictions of noise within the Town of Providence Village.
  • Ordinance 2010-15 – Ordinance banning fireworks in the Town of Providence Village.
  • Ordinance 2011-22 – Ordinance providing for the peace, welfare, order, health, safety of persons and property, generally “nuisance” related items.
  • Ordinance 2011-23 – Ordinance regulating the use and registration of golf carts in The Town of Providence Village
  • Ordinance 2011-24 – Ordinance governing the parking and removal of vehicles/golf carts from the Town of Providence Village
  • Ordinance 2011-26 – Ordinance establishing the license, taxation and regulation of peddlers in the Town of Providence Village

In addition to the ordinances above, the Council recently approved an ordinance establishing a registration process for various contractors intending to complete work within the Town limits and an ordinance establishing a building inspection process within the Town limits. Some of theTown’s ordinances will be enforced by the Code Enforcement Officer, who began patrolling the community in October, while other ordinances are enforced by the Denton County Sheriff’s Office. Also, a Town Building Inspector has been selected and will begin on December 1st.


As we head into 2012, the Council will continue to amend ordinances, as needed, but will begin
to turn our focus toward zoning and future commercial development as well. We want to
encourage family friendly commercial development that blends with the style of Providence
Village. While the development may not appear overnight, we want to ensure that we have the
structure in place to handle it when it does appear. As always, please check the town website for
the latest information on our progress, at www.TownOfProvidenceVillage.com, or contact one of
your Council Members or Town Hall.

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