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Newsletter 12-10


Town Update by Clint Shipp, Mayor Pro Tempore


For the past few months, the Town Council of Providence Village has continued to perform the administrative tasks necessary to organize basic town services. One of the essential services that the mayor and alderman have focused on involves public safety. While the Providence Village Water Control and Improvement District has funded supplemental sheriff’s deputies to patrol the neighborhood for several years, they have lacked the municipal authority to enforce many of the basic safety needs of a community of our nature. While most speed limits within the community were posted at 25 miles per hour, the county could not enforce it below the rate of 35 miles per hour. In addition, the stop signs in the neighborhood had never been formally adopted.

For these reasons, the Town Council took steps to establish municipal rules that formally adopt the speed limits in the community. The council took an additional measure to identify and formalize all stop signs within the town limits. The council saw a particular need to enforce moving violations on FM 2931, where large trucks and other vehicles often drive at excessive rates of speed in areas where children often cross the highway to get to school or recreational facilities.

In addition to the formalization of the moving violations, the council passed a measure to create a municipal court. This court will be held periodically by a traveling judge and town prosecutor, and will be funded by the fees collected from safety violation citations (primarily moving violations). This keeps in line with the town council’s determination to provide better services, without raising taxes.
The council continues to consider and evaluate future safety ordinances, in addition to the other responsibilities involving the development of our town structure. Through successful collaboration with other government entities, such as the Water District, we will continue to take steps that improve the quality of life and property values in Providence Village.

As a reminder, open meetings are held twice per month at the community center at 9400 Waterman Drive on the second and fourth Monday at 7:00 pm. Additionally, you can visit the Town website for updates and Council contact information at www.TownofProvidenceVillage.com.

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