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Newsletter 6-11


Town Update by Mayor Brian D. Roberson


In April and May the Providence Village Town Council maintained a commitment to public safety and the protection of property values by focusing on law enforcement provisions, road inspection and the pending transfer of the Providence water and sewer systems to Mustang SUD.

On the law enforcement front, there are several projects underway that, in the very near future, will culminate with the ability of the Denton County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) to enforce the ordinances of the Town and State Laws within the Town limits. The Town conferred the ability on the DCSO in 2010 and has been working to resolve the logistical details in recent months. A Municipal Court Judge, Town Prosecutor and Municipal Court Clerk have all been sworn in and negotiations are underway to establish a physical location for Court. Once all of these projects are completed, the Town will provide a ticket book for the DCSO Deputies that patrol the community, so they can start issuing citations.

Until recently, street maintenance has been largely reactionary in Providence. The Town has contracted with Denton County to provide quarterly inspections of all road and alley surfaces within the community. All roads passed first inspection and a list of preventive maintenance items is under review. Completion of the preventive maintenance items will improve future inspection scores and increase the longevity of the roads. By investing a little money into our infrastructure today, we can avoid costly repairs or replacement in the future. Additionally, continually monitoring the roads will give a more accurate indication of developments above and below ground.

During the April 11, 2011, Town Council meeting, the Town Council authorized legal counsel to object to and request a public hearing on the proposed transfer of the CCN, Waste Water and assets from Providence Village Water Control & Improvement District (PVWCID) to Mustang Special Utility District (MSUD). One of the key components of the transfer application is that the proposed transfer should serve the public interest of the impacted area. The Town believes that the proposed transfer does not benefit the residents of Providence Village and, in fact, is a disservice to the residents. MSUD has a history of excessively high rates, debt and mismanagement. The Town continues to monitor the issue, which is currently before the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Additional items before the Town Council for consideration included building inspection/permitting, zoning and golf cart safety. Please see the Town website for updates on these items.

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