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Notice to Residents:



Please be aware that the Upper Trinity Regional Water District’s Harpool Water Treatment Plant will undergo routine maintenance in the coming weeks.  The project centers around the removal of sludge from the sedimentation ponds inside the fenced treatment plant area.  The plant is located East of FM 2931 on Fishtrap Road.  In mid-February you can expect to see staging activity in preparation for this project, followed by 6-8 weeks of sludge removal traffic (primarily combination tractors and trailers) entering and exiting the plant along Fishtrap Road.  Please maintain alertness and plan accordingly for possible delays. 


Also, with regard to the UTRWD emergency water supply reservoir (aka Lake Providence), the Town and the UTRWD have been working with engineers to resolve the erosion issues on the south shore of the reservoir.  The lower water level will continue to be maintained, until such time as the erosion solution has been determined and completed.  We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide more details and timelines, once they are finalized.

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