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Photo Caption: Mayor Dave Shuck presents “Spirit of Providence Village” award to Officer Jeremy Reyna.

Photo courtesy of CoServ


The Spirit of Providence Village

At the December 1st Town Council meeting, Providence Village resident, Jeremy Reyna, was asked to deliver the invocation.  Unbeknownst to him, that’s not the only reason he was asked to attend the meeting.  Officer Jeremy Reyna was presented the “Spirit of Providence Village” award for exemplification of the Providence Village core values: Citizenship, Integrity, Respect and Civility, through his dedicated service to the Lewisville Police Department.  During a recent traffic stop, Officer Reyna noticed a baby’s car seat in the vehicle was in bad shape.  After discussion with the driver, it was apparent that the used and poorly functioning seat was the best the family could afford.  Rather than let the family drive away in an unsuitable car seat, Officer Reyna went to a nearby Walmart and purchased a brand new car seat for the family.  Thank you for going above and beyond, we are proud to call you our neighbor!




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