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Providence Storms – Clean Up


Now that the storms from last night have passed we will be working to get all of the common areas cleaned up just as soon as possible. All the trash that was in the streets and drainage tunnels has ended up in the ponds and we will be working over the next few days to rid the trash from them and return them to their normal appearance. All of the common areas have been inspected this morning and luckily there is no significant damage; just a big mess. Should you have any HOA related questions, please feel free to contact the Providence HOA at 940-440-2200.

However, you may see subcontractors around the neighborhood going door to door. Please remember that any solicitor who arrives at your door to solicit for home repairs, roofing or any other services, are required to be registered with the Town where they will receive a picture ID card with the Town’s logo and a representative’s signature. All solicitors are informed that they cannot contact or leave printed materials at any home where there is a clearly posted “No Solicitation” sign and they are required to provide their picture ID card from the Town if the resident asks to see same. Each solicitor, regardless of whether they are from the same company or not, are required to have their own individual badge. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Town of Providence Village at 940-365-9333.

If you are a potential solicitor or contractor please see our forms page.

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