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TCEQ Water Violation


Friends and neighbors in Providence Village,


As many of our residents are aware, December 2015 brought us not only the end of the calendar year, but also brought Providence Village the resolution to a long fought battle over our right as a town to safely and efficiently deliver water and sewer service to the people that live in our town.  Almost immediately, we found that we were indeed able to serve more efficiently, and have seen a promising drop in expenses that have allowed our rates to remain lower, even as surrounding areas are increasing rates to keep pace with rising water costs.


As of February 17, it has also been made abundantly clear that we can deliver this service in better alignment with State mandates. On that date, the Town received notice from the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ) stating that the, now defunct, Providence Village WCID was in violation of monitoring & reporting requirements for lead and copper.  To be clear, however, there is no reason to believe that our water is any more or less safe than it has ever been.


In our research of the issue we have learned that, due to a slight change in TCEQ processes, which were communicated to public water suppliers in early 2014, approximately 45% of the entities failed to adhere to the new process.  We also know that systems built or replaced since the early nineties are significantly less likely to experience issues with lead and copper contamination due to changes in building practices.  Furthermore, public water systems that receive their water from Texas lakes, which we do, are less likely to experience lead and copper leaching, even where those materials were used in the construction of older systems, due to the alkalinity of the water.


We are currently working with Severn Trent Services to ensure that all testing is done as soon as possible to meet or exceed TCEQ requirements, and to ensure that this kind of lapse does not recur now that the service is managed by the Town of Providence Village.  As part of this effort, all customers will receive a TCEQ required notice in their water bill advising you of the violation.  Likewise, once we have the results of our testing, we will communicate those to all customers.


As not only your Mayor, but as your neighbor, and a father of 3 children, this issue is paramount to me.  As for me and my family, we will not be changing any habits with regard to our water usage in our home.   That said, as we move forward and correct this issue, we will not accept anything less than excellence when it comes to the safety of our water system.




Dave Shuck,


Town of Providence Village

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